I Think It's Time - Tom Porzungolo, Phil Slzinger

    I think it's time that I settle down, yeah, slow down
    I think it's time that you came around, came around.
    Realize that we've come a long way,
    But we're both waitin' for the other to say,
    Before we pack it up and cart it away,
    I want to tell you I love you.

    I think it's time that we stopped to see you and me.
    We enjoy each other's company, plain to see.
    We should rest and let the other people pass us by,
    Why should we push it if there's no need to try,
    'Cause when I take the time to look in your eyes,
    I'm gonna tell ya I love you.

    'Cause we fit together, like a bird and feathers
    They both need each other if they wish to fly.
    And even under the darkest weather,
    I still see the sun in your eye.

    © 1985 Words by Tom Porzungolo - Music by Phil Slazenger


    Marco Giunco
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