Somebody Still Cares - Steve Key

    One heart left behind sat down and wrote me a letter
    She was a lover who spent two good years with me
    I expected her to say she'd found another love
    And that this note would be the last she'd send to me
    But for her words I was quite unprepared, when she said

    Somebody still cares, somewhere far away
    Somebody you know is thinking about you today
    Somebody recalls the sweet lover you are
    Somebody hopes those dreams take you far

    So what was I to say?
    I'd left that heart 3.000 miles away
    And what was I to do?
    I made my choices when I made my move

    So I sat down to write some letter of reply
    Just to let her know how much she'd meant to me
    And that despite the miles I could see her anytime
    In the pictures that I hold inside of me
    And it feels good to know we keep sweet memories, and that

    [Repeat Chorus]

    Oh lever, don't despair, I tell you somebody still cares.

    © 1985 by Steve Key


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words