Rockin' in a Weary Land - Lorraine Lee

    Sing me an old song, mother and child.
    She rocks the babe safe in her arms through the hard and hungry night.
    Earth is the mother, we are her young.
    Each day she rocks us, dancing from darkness into light, from darkness into light.

    We're rockin' in a weary land, rockin' in a weary land.
    May love guide each and every hand,
    Rockin' in a weary land, rockin' in a weary land.

    We've been shortsighted, done so much harm,
    The land stripped bare, the poisoned arr. Some cry progress, some cry in pain.
    Wild geese are flying, springtime returns.
    The breeze blows without anger, the sun shines without blame, the sun shines without blame.

    A crack in the pavement, a wildflower breaks free,
    Lifts golden blossoms to the sun, roots run deep in mother earth.
    May we learn to treasure every gift we receive,
    The changing dance of each new day, the miracle of birth, the miracle of birth.

    © 1985 by Lorraine A. Lee, Snowy Egret Music, BMI


    Marco Giunco
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