For Real - Bob Franke

    Death took the husband of a neighbor of mine
    on a highway with a drunk at the wheel.
    She told me keep your clean hands off the laundry he left
    and don't tell me you know how I feel.
    She had a tape that he'd sent her from a Holiday Inn
    and she never played it much in the day,
    but when I heard him say he loved her through the window at night
    I just stayed the hell away.

    [First & second chorus]
    There's a hole in the middle of the prettiest life,
    so the lawyers and the prophets say.
    Not your father nor your mother
    nor your lover's gonna ever make it go away.
    And there's too much darkness in an endless night
    to be afraid of the way we feel.
    Let's be kind to each other,
    not forever but for real.

    My father never put his parachute on
    In the pacific back in world war II.
    He said he'd rather go down in familiar flames
    than get lost in that endless blue.
    And some of that blue got into my eyes,
    And we never stopped fighting that war
    until I first understood about endlessness,
    and I loved him like never before. (Chorus)

    It's lucky that my daughter got her mother's nose
    and just a little of her father's eyes.
    And we've got just enough love that when the longing takes me,
    well it takes me by surprise.
    And I remember that longing from my highway days,
    though I never could give it a name.
    It's lucky I discovered in the nick of time
    that the woman and the child aren't to blame.

    [Third chorus]
    For the hole in the middle of a pretty good life,
    I only face it 'cause it's here to stay.
    Not my father nor my mother nor my daughter nor my lover
    nor the highway made it go away.
    And there's too much darkness in an endless night
    to be ashamed of the way I feel.
    I'll be kind to my loved ones ,
    not forever but for real.

    [Final chorus]
    Some say that God is a lover,
    some say it's an endless void.
    Some say both and some say she's angry,
    and some say he's just annoyed.
    But if God felt a hammer in the palm of his hand,
    then God knows the way we feel,
    And love lasts forever,
    forever and for real.
    Love lasts forever...

    by Bob Franke © 1983 Telephone Pole Music Publishing Co. (BMI)


    Marco Giunco
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