The Dollmaker's Secret - Chuck Hall

    I've got to wash these windows, I've got to sweep these floors
    You can't tell between lettering and shadow anymore
    The sunshine fights its way through dust, in old-time letters spills
    "Dollmaker" on the wall past all the dolls upon the shelves

    There's been no one here since Christmas but the children in the town
    They know I give them licorice while they take a look around
    The young girls like the dresses women don't wear anymore
    The little boys like soldier dolls dressed from the Civil War

    And the red-haired girl with freckles, pigtails
    And chocolate on her face
    Wants to know why all the girl dolls' eyes and noses are the same
    So I scratched my beard and smiled and lit my pipe
    And then replied, "It's the dollmaker's secret..."

    Once there was a little girl in a world of long ago
    Who wore her mother's clothes up in her attic in the cold
    And played with all her baby dolls in the mirror that she had
    And I see her face in antique photographs beside my dad

    Now, I've always been a loner--I've never had a wife
    And these dolls have been my family and have been all my life
    My eyes and nose look just like hers, the dolls' all look like mine
    It's the dollmaker's secret

    I've got to wash these windows, I've got to sweep these floors
    For winter goes away and springtime comes to life once more
    And another generation comes to see what I have got
    Not knowing I love evermore the dolls they never bought
    It's the dollmakerls's the dollmaker's secret.

    © 1985 by Chuck Hall


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words