Outside - Thom Morlan

    I'm outside the insane asylum
    Where I've flung down my words
    Into its shadow
    I could never make them fit
    Never twist them
    Make them moan
    Make them say
    What the outsiders inside the insane asylum
    Can make them say

    Outside the insane asylum
    I'm peaking through the window
    Trying to see--
    But I only catch a flash of lightening
    Now and then
    But I'm dreaming to myself
    About the storms that must rage
    The thunder that cracks
    The rains that must pour
    Inside that dark, enlightened cage

    Outside the insane asylum
    I'm thinking to myself,
    "Maybe I'll go crashing through that window
    And be one of them"
    But I'm fooling myself
    The earth is sucking at my feet
    And won't let me be anything
    But what I am

    © 1985 by Thorn Morlan


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words