Butler's Aunty - David Roth

    Butler and his Aunty were driving Into town
    The day before I left New Zealand,
    "David, where you goin'? Won't you join us for a cup of tea?"
    He said, "My lady finally left me, after three years in my home,
    In my home..."

    "I'm Butler's Aunty, and we're the only family
    Either one of us got left now,
    I lost my husband after flfty-two years of marriage,
    And I know how Butler feels, because my husband was my life,
    He was my life,

    It's not an easy thing to lose your love,
    But you just got to carryon, carryon..."

    I always felt bad that I just didn't know what to say to them.
    There's no way around it, losing your love is cruel...
    You offer your shoulder and try to tell 'em it's okay and then
    You sit there like a fool...

    A long silence broken, I told them I was leaving
    And my next stop was Australia,
    He said, "If these jokers push the wrong button and decide to have a war
    You can come back to New Zealand, you can come and hide with me,
    Hide with me..."

    Our cup of tea was over, my heart was in my throat
    As we said our goodbyes,
    The last thing I remember, as I walked away was the voice
    Of Butler's Aunty,
    "What a good thing you done, Butler, giving your friendship to that man
    To that man,

    You know that we still got each other, so honey, come and take my hand,
    Take my hand, take my hand..."

    © 1981 by David Roth/ASCAP


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words