Amazing Love - Ruan MacKinnon

    It seems to have started with your hand on my hair
    I don't know why you put it there but we were
    saying goodnight in a parking lot somewhere over and over again

    Or maybe it started when I stumbled and tripped
    Your arm flashed out and I caught it and gripped
    at a party we didn't like so we slipped like children away in the rain

    Amazing love, I never thought this blazing love
    would start raising the heavens above this amazing love

    You seem to remind me that we met in a saloon
    Though fireworks don't start up in the icecubes and spoons
    sparks and the flames came up sooner than soon and neither felt the need to explain

    © 1985 by Raun MacKinnon Burnham


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words