Endless Highway - Eric Wood

    Don't know where I'm goin'
    But guess I'm on my way
    leave this man alone
    And this man he will stay
    You know I'd like to leave with
    At least with what I came
    And hope the love we freed was
    Worth the love we tamed

    I guess I'm like the devil
    There's no tomorrow for me
    The sun it never rises
    And never sets really
    And comin' off these mountains
    Everything that's travelin' must lay low
    All I see that's tied down
    Leans towards where both you and I are goin'...

    Goin' down this endless highway.

    I'm really gonna miss you
    Babe you are the best
    I'm glad at least I risked all that I am
    For no one less
    The times this hard cold concrete
    Makes me long for something warm and soft
    I never will forget that
    Nobody but you can get me off...

    Get me off this endless highway

    © 1985 by Eric Wood


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words