I Put the Road Down - Bert Lee

    I don't know how far the road can go
    I've put the road down for a while
    If I should return to its blind twists and turns
    It will only be because I've lost your smile

    I remember Mike the singer
    And his Texas lady, Cathy
    The both of them were dreamers
    In a beat-up gypsy truck
    He would sing to her of freedom
    And of the pleasures to be found
    In not hanging on too tightly
    Until she was tightly bound

    I turn my thoughts to Maggie Becker
    Who swore her life away from chains
    And cast her lot out on the highway
    Just to hitch a ride with luck
    But underneath her songs of freedom
    You could hear another sound
    As she cried inside for someone
    Who would hold her tightly bound

    Now I have the sweetest lover
    With auburn hair and earth-brown eyes
    And hands as gentle as the sunlight
    Whose touch would make me rise
    With her freckle constellations
    And her laughter soft as rain
    Come to cool the summer evening
    And wash away the sorrow stain

    © 1985 by Bert Lee


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words