Center of the Circle - Laura Burns, Roger Rosen

    Sister, your eyes fly like startled sparrows,
    Beating their wings against the air
    Black and wild, pained and frightened
    They won't come to rest anywhere

    Tell me now how your life making music
    Has become a cold lonely place
    You work all alone, and at each corner turn
    You're meeting yourself face to face

    You tell of doubts and lost golden chances
    And plans that melt in the sun
    You're wondering how you can keep to your purpose
    You don't know if you can go on

    Imagine yourself in the center of a circle
    Of loving friends holding you tonight
    Arms around each other, we're swaying to the music
    That's rising from each of our lives

    Here you will find the courage you seek
    To be what you need to be
    Imagine yourself in the center of a circle
    The next one in the center may be me.

    The cold light of morning falls on your eyes
    As you wake to the day's work undone
    The face in the mirror is haunted and pale
    Reflecting your life all alone

    But I have seen you shining in the night
    Singing like the pull of the moon
    Creating a tide that sweeps us along
    Coming home with you in your song.

    Imagine yourself...

    Here you will find...

    Each of us will stand in the center of the circle
    The next one in the center will be me.

    © Laura Burns 1983 Lady Be Music BMI


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words