Spokesman Speakes - Marci Boyd, Charles Gounod

    Is what the president said today
    Just what the president meant to say?
    Or is it just a simple case of "presidential imprecision"?
    If you want to avoid mystiques
    You'd better listen to Spokesman Speakes
    For he will always tell you what the president's really saying!

    If you're listening to the news
    And you think our president's changed his views
    Don't worry, you're probably suffering
    From pre-clarification confusion
    It's not that he, too, gets a little confused
    But Spokesman Speakes, he always knows
    Just what the president's really saying.

    If you hear a phrase that is quizzical to your ear like:
    [spoken]: "We will only deploy SDI after all offensive nuclear weapons are eliminated."
    Have no fear, tomorrow It all will be
    Perfectly clear
    That what he meant was "We will only share SDI with other nations after all offensive nuclear weapon are eliminated."
    And you can relax, knowing that...

    What the president said today
    Is not what the president meant to say
    It's just that he sometimes meant to say
    It's just that he sometimes prefers
    To make a point by talking dramatically.

    If the meaning is what you seek
    You'd better wait till the Spokesman Speakes
    For only he can (ever) really be sure what the p's really saying.

    © 1986 Lyrics: Marci Boyd Music: Charles Gounod, "Funeral March of a Marionette


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