The January Man - Dave Goulder

    Oh the January man he walks the road in woolen clothes and boots of leather
    The February man still shakes the snow from off his head and blows his hands
    The man of March he sees the spring and wonders what the year will bring and hopes for better weather.

    Through April rains the man goes down to watch the birds come in to share the summer
    The man of May stands very still, watching the children dance away the day
    In June the man inside the man is strong and wants to lend a hand
    And smiles at each new color

    And in July the man in cotton shirt, he sits and thinks on being idle
    The August man in thousands takes the road to find the sea and watch the sun
    September man is standing near to saddle up and leave the year and autumn is his bridle

    Then the man of new October takes the reins, and early frost is on his shoulders
    The poor November man sees ice and wind and frost and mist and winter gale
    December man looks through the snow to let eleven brothers know they're all a little older

    And the January man comes 'round again in woolen clothes and boots of leather
    To take another turn and walk along the icey road he knows so well
    Oh the January man is here, to welcome each and every year along the road forever

    © 1986 Dave Goulder

    THE JANUARY MAN was written by British songwriter Dave Goulder. It has been a favorite of mine and it always comes to mind at this time of year. The months and seasons frequently feel like powerful people marching through my life, friends and strangers all.
    Merle Schlesinger


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