You Got to Believe - Hugh Moffatt
    You got to believe In miracles
    You got to believe, that's true
    You got to believe that hearts can fly
    And sometimes mountains move

    Mary, Mary, sing for me
    Sing me your song of love
    When I'm gone whisper out my name
    To the stars above

    I love you truly, I love you so
    I'll love you 'til I die
    In my heart I'll stay with you
    'Til I'm by your side

    [Repeat Chorus]

    I wish there were no mountain high
    In between me and you
    I wish I had two snow white wings
    I know what I'd do

    I'd fly over this lonesome land
    To the well where your love springs
    I'd lay down In your lovin' arms
    And there I'd shed my wings

    [Repeat Chorus]

    All mountains are not made of stone
    Some are made of flesh and blood
    The longest hill I've every climbed
    'S when I've hurt someone I've loved

    Oh Mary, Mary, I'm not free
    There are things I've left undone
    Some bright day I'll fly to you
    And we will live as one

    [Repeat Chorus]

    by Hugh Moffatt, © 1985 Boquillas Canyon Music/Atlantic Music Corp. BMI


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