As the Crow Flies - Tom Russell

    When I was a child I'd look up and pray
    But the mountains and clouds always got in the way
    I'd close my eyes and dream away
    Straight up to heaven as the crow flies

    Then I grew up but I could never understand
    The distance between a woman and a man
    Then I fell in love and the distance was spanned
    Heart to heart as the crow flies

    Mama used to say, "Son, you'll never survive,
    If you worry 'bout the distance, you won't ever arrive."
    Daddy used to say, "Son, the mountains are wide
    Out they ain't so far. the crow flies."

    If there were mountains and valleys between you and me
    And icy old river or a cold dark sea
    The earth and water would mean nothing to me
    I'd travel straight to your heart as the crow flies

    by Tom Russel © 1985 End of the Trail Music (CAPAC)


    Marco Giunco
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