No Future - Jack Hardy

    the buildings stand empty yet they still
    stand stand in the way of progress
    the bulldozers come to make their mark
    and the riot police are lurking in the dark

    the last bastion of true freedom
    the freeloaders and squatters on the land

    the artists and students, the riff-raff and low-life
    these buildings have no future and they know it

    and there is a plan, an incredible plan
    to build up the city of the future
    and all they must do is make these buildings disappear
    and then their way it is perfectly clear

    we're all in the same project together
    we speak the same language of economics

    and it makes a lot of sense and it makes a lot of dollars
    and if it makes a lot of homeless with no future, so what

    that the towers will be built is not debated
    we hear them babbling in the press
    words like urban planning and revitalization
    they take away their homes and give them housing instead

    though they have the gift of tongues they have no love
    only the clanging of the factory bell

    destroying the beauty, the chaos and understanding
    that is learned from that school called no future

    and what doth it profit a man to leave another homeless
    we who dare question this vanity
    know that a profit is not without honor
    except among family in its own country

    without the past there can be no future
    the man ranting on the corner's been misunderstood

    they have destroyed his past and given him no future
    they look at their creation and they say it is good

    © 1985 John S. Hardy Music Co. ASCAP


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words