Viking Rag - Erik Frandsen

    Some bright morning you might look out on the ocean
    And see a ship a-sailing on the sea,
    And this lovely scene inspires you with a notion
    Of how peaceful and quiet things can be.
    But suddenly you feel a pang of worry,
    And now you've got a headful of suspense.
    And you start to run about in a flurry
    With a feeling something dreadful may commence,
    As it dawns on you that very ship you scrutinize
    Is full of rough and ready rootin-tootin guys...

    Oh, the Vikings are coming to town
    So maybe you shouldn't hang around
    'Cause when they get here, they'll drink all your beer
    And probably molest your livestock

    They're unkind, and you don't want 'em moving in next door
    'Cause you'll find--you got a lot more trouble than you did before
    There'll be Danes like rain, Swedes like weeds
    Legions of Norwegians in a big-ass boat
    And if you slander the Icelanders it's kippers to kroner that they'll come and cut your throat

    Oh, the Vikings are coming today
    So maybe you should try to get away
    'Cause when they get to work they'll go berserk
    And make a nasty splash in your gene pool

    Bluetooth, Ingvar, Torkel, Sven
    "Ve carry off de vimmen and ve murder all de men"
    Baldar, Bloodaxe, Forkbeard, Knut
    "Ve come and take your property and punch you in de snoot."
    Oh the bloodthirsty pagans have arrived
    You'll be lucky if you make it out alive
    'Cause when they attack they'll burn it 'til its black
    They'll ruin and wrack,
    And they'll hack'n sack (nej tak for igge ting)

    © 1985 by Erik Frandsen


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words