Sightseer - David Massengill

    Who's that man in the Foster Grants
    Hawaiian shirt and seersucker pants?
    He's got souvenirs and picture postcards
    In bermuda shorts his Vesuvius blows hard
    He's seen the Liberty Bell
    He's seen the gates of Hell
    He's seen Napoleon's heart in a box
    He's seen Watusi dance
    He's seen a place in France
    He's seen the door where opportunity knocks

    Sightseer--he's a sightseer
    Sightseer--he's a sightseer
    Sightseer--he's a sight--he's a sightseer

    He'll never forget the Paris sewers
    That's where he lost a pair of binoculars
    He's been to London Bridge in Arizona
    And he ate a Big Mac in Barcelona
    He's seen the Taj Mahal
    He's seen the Wailing Wall
    He's seen Jesus Christ in the drooling wards
    He's seen the world revolve
    But he doesn't get involved
    For sightseeing is its own reward

    [Repeat Chorus]

    The place to be is the Riviera
    For curvy birds and avis rara
    He's sunburned on his arms and neck
    And he pays for sex with traveler's checks
    He's seen hillbillies clog
    He's seen Pavlov's dog
    He's seen the Pope screw a lightbulb in the woods
    He's seen the Seven Wonders
    He's seen the Thinker ponder
    He's seen the spot where Custer stood

    [Repeat Chorus]

    Got a zoom lens on his Japanese camera
    Twenty mountain-tops' worth of panorama
    In forty-one tongues he can say hello
    And he still remembers the Alamo
    He's seen the hands of time
    Commit most every crime
    In the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates
    He's seen a mute say "please"
    He's seen up the magician's sleeve
    He's seen the birthplace of Edgar Cayce

    [Repeat Chorus]

    © 1985 by David Massengill


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words