Equinox - Stuart Kabak

    We saw the faithful sun go down
    When the equinox arrived
    At the start of another round
    Only one of us survived
    And the days grew shorter than before
    An autumn wind was chilling
    One sorry soldier off to war
    Afraid and yet so willing

    Oh wordless winter wonder chill
    Your season is returning
    Someone told me you had smiled
    On the autumn leaves still burning
    And a cinder flew into my eyes
    Brought me down to tears
    As the songs of sorrow I have cried
    Fell upon deaf ears

    And so I sit close to the stove
    The kerosene is burning
    Feeling wiser feeling old
    They say life is for learning
    Still I curse the equinox
    For the darkness she will bring
    But I'll be damned if my heart stays locked
    While waiting for the spring

    © 1986 Stuart Kabak Paper Boat Productions


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words