Cry for the Lonely - Robin Greenstein

    People tell me I don't mention you too much
    They don't know inside I'm hurting so much
    It pains me just to say your name
    Because after a good love has gone bad
    How could I feel anything but sad
    And darling you still affect me just the same

    There's a howling wind outside tonight
    And it cries for the lonely
    Never thought I'd be singing this song
    I thought you'd love me only
    But we all play the fool sometimes
    I guess it was my turn
    So tonight, I'll cry for the lonely

    Sometimes I think that if I could only talk to you
    I'd convince you what you're trying to do
    Is something you don't really want
    If I had to talk you into loving me
    We both know what a mistake that would be
    And baby that's not what I want

    [Repeat Chorus]

    And I don't mind feeling blue
    If you only felt the same way too

    It's way past midnight and I can't get to sleep
    I think about you and I start to weep
    If you knew what you've done to me
    I'm swimming in a sea of misery
    And I know one day that I'll be free
    And you'll be nothing more than a memory

    [Repeat Chorus]

    Words & Music by Robin Greenstein © 1986 Ruddy & Pokey Music


    Marco Giunco
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