Old Man of Penn Station - Dennis Dougherty

    You see them in the doorways, living in the slums
    Some call them homeless persons, most just call them bums
    I wonder how they ever came to live this kind of life
    I hear It in their voices, the're ashamed when the're begging for my change

    "Hey young man have you got some change to spare?
    This Old Man's in need of a meal, some clothes to wear
    You know I'll probably just go out and spend it on a drink
    But I'm living In Penn Station on the brink
    And I don't wanna have to think."

    My father seemed to take an interest in this one Old Man
    I thought it very kindly, he'd like to lend a hand
    Even tried to bring him home for dlnner" Christmas Day
    When It came time for them to go, the Old Man didn't show

    We read it in the paper, the Old Man passed away
    We gathered at the funeral, but there wasn't much to say
    A pity how he turned his back on family and friend
    Hello--Goodbye in one breath, so sad I would have liked to know you Grandad.

    for Fredrick Michael Dougherty (1900-1976)

    Music and lyrics by Dennis Dougherty


    Marco Giunco
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