Cold Is the Heart - Jeff Strange

    Cold is the wind that sweeps the plain
    Cold is the rain that's fallin'
    Cold is the sky that hides the sun
    When winter time is calling

    Black is the sky that holds no stars
    Black is the sea below her
    Black are the rocks that guard the shore
    And traps the rollin' water

    Cold is the touch of winter wind
    Cold is the eye of the soldier
    Cold is the heart that breaks in two
    When true love Is over

    Soft is the sky at evening time
    Soft is the hair of the maiden
    Soft is the light that reaches down
    When summer moon is fadin'

    Red is the light that paints the trees
    Red is the flame of the fire
    Red is the sky at evening time
    That touch the city spire

    © 1986 Jeff Strange Donnybrook Fair


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words