Calgary - Steve Romanoff

    There's a faint silver hint of the morning
    Where the mountains meet the western sky
    And I know from the glow of the dawning sun
    There's more to all of this than meets the eye

    Once I was a drifter, now I'm a dreamer
    And it's here that my dreams were meant to be
    So here for a while I miss my dear Prince Edward Isle
    For a chance on the plains of Calgary

    So tell all the folks in Alberton
    I started coming home and then
    In Calgary I found a friend
    And took her for my own

    And though it isn't right for me
    To win the land and lose the sea
    I found a home in Calgary
    My home away from home

    There are times when I'm almost believing
    When another weary day is at an end
    And a song rolls along on the evening air
    I can almost swear I taste your salty wind

    As I crawl off to sleep with the memory
    Of your green fields in this heart of mine
    A dream can go free among the fields of Calgary
    Till it finds its way home to the Maritime

    [Repeat Chorus]

    If they should ask how I'm doin'
    I'm doin' fine
    If they should ask how I happened to stay
    If they should ask say the chance of a lifetime
    Stole my heart away

    [Repeat Chorus]

    by Steve Romanoff © 1985 Outergreen Music


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