Coming Apart at the Seams* - David Mallett

    Ah, Henry, you sure bought
    That whole James Dean thing
    Right down to the end
    Drinkin' beers, bangin' gears
    On the outside lookin' in
    Such a desperate time
    On the small town stage
    With no prize coming
    For the coming of age
    So you burn with a passion
    And you burn with a rage
    Till the fire done pulled you in

    And me, I was just a green-eyed kid
    You were two years older than me
    But as I look back on those days in the dust
    You were what we all wanted to be
    You were quick with a smile
    Quick with a wheel
    Cool with the women
    And you made us feel
    Like we were all gonna rise
    In a flash of steel
    In some teenage fantasy

    So look out you hometown heroes
    And look out you homecoming queens
    There's a bad kid coming to the party tonight
    And he's coming apart at the seams

    Now your old man still stares
    At the street sometimes
    With a lost look in his eyes
    Your sad mama wakes
    In the heat of the night
    And she thinks about her baby and cries
    Now the midnight crew is all settled down
    It's been 18 years
    But it's the same old town
    And the sun comes up
    And the rain comes down
    On that hillside where you lie

    by David Mallett © 1985 David Mallett Music Marty Stewart Music ASCAP

    *This song has just been recorded by Nashville artist Marty Stuart under the title "Hometown Heroes" and will be released on his CBS album this spring


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