(Maybe You'd Be Happy In) Guatemala - Robin Russell

    Pour yourself some whiskey from that bottle by your bedside
    And we'll sit down on the floor like you always used to ask me
    'Cause tonight I won't compete with you or offer down resistance
    I just want to help you rise up from this quagmire

    Maybe you'd be happy in Guatemala

    You were once on the winning side when good and bad were black and white
    And us and them were day and night and all could tell the difference
    But the rose of truth has turned to gray and revolution fades away
    Into that funny song called human nature
    Where's that fine intelligence, don't tell me that it's all been spent
    On questions even wise men cannot answer in ten lifetimes
    And I don't mean to trivialize the devils plucking at your eyes
    But something says you've too much time for thinking

    Maybe you'd be happy in Guatemala

    Last night I was sitting by my window on the fourth floor
    Looking past the open curtains to the living rooms across the street
    And I saw a man in a turquoise undershirt, he had a woman's feather boa
    Wrapped around his pretty shoulders
    And he posed in the mirror Like a rock star on the stage and
    I just had to laugh and then I thought about you

    Maybe it'd be better to be shot at in the morning when you go down to the river
    looking for a drink of water 'cause you'd know that on the other end
    Of that goddamn rifle there would be a flesh and blood enemy
    Maybe you'd be happy in Guatemala

    © 1984 by Robin Russell


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words