Elevator - Jack Hardy

    Everyone knew that something had cracked
    lately they even wrote songs
    everyone knew of something she lacked
    very few asked what was wrong
    almost to a T their lips were all sealed
    totally immersed in their game
    only using the muse she revealed
    refusing to mention it by name

    Elfin ears sifting what to keep
    long wispy curls hiding spikes
    eyes that are always falling asleep
    venus de miloing dislikes
    all her collections of lyrics with names
    tore holes in her confidence game
    occasionally brightening her day just the same
    refusing to mention it by name

    Endless numbers lit up as she passed
    lifting her spirits like a jet
    everyone said she would never be last
    valentines stuffed in her net
    all of us knew she collected us all
    temporary insanity or blissfully sane
    only I knew it to be her downfall
    refusing to mention it by name

    by Jack Hardy © 1984 John S. Hardy Music


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words