The Visionary's Daughter - Doug Birch

    Like a visionary's daughter
    She did just like she oughta
    She was betrayed by the phases of the moon
    When her tears splashed on the ground
    She fluttered her arms around
    But still wallowed in the pale light of her room

    Some years ago they say
    She was young and cast away
    By a man who used a bottle for a tune
    With his ragged lonely lies
    He'd stroke her shaky thighs
    And he said his only home was in the womb

    Like a fallen angel's son
    He pays for all he's done
    But he's got this hollow feeling in his eyes
    When he first saw her on the street
    He almost felt complete
    Till she showered him with memories and crimes

    There are places one can go
    Where broken rivers flow
    Where the fairest birds still haven't sung in tune
    But I'll be on my way
    Far from the blackest way
    And I'm hoping for a letter from you soon

    © 1983 by Doug Birch


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words