The Wizard - Tom McGhee

    There's a song in that man and I can hear it singing
    When we meet on the street the sound surrounds him like a bell that is ringing
    so clear and so sweet
    so clear and so sweet.

    The man's an artist you can hear them say
    With a reputation that's here to stay
    Along the waterfront they know his name
    From engineer to longshore what they say is the same.

    Grand Colombia sank in Yokohama back in '73 raised her up
    and towed her back to homeport
    to a berth 'cross the sea
    to a berth 'cross the sea.

    And on the docks no one could start her engines
    Though they worked night and day
    They called the wizard in to do his magic
    He coaxed it and he teased 'till she'd something to say.

    He's a wizard, he's a genius
    And his work is his play
    By the glare of the arc in the heat and the spark he finds his own way.
    Better leave him alone and the job will be done in the best possible way.
    He's a wizard, he's a genius
    He's got something to say.

    Designed a submarine to sell to the government
    Big money deal from the start.
    Built it in Brooklyn
    And received the patent
    And it still sits in the yards.
    It's still down in the yards.

    He was no businessman, that wasn't his style
    And the deal fell through though he was offered a pile.
    But when the torch is burning the man is a master
    And everybody knows him as his days slip by faster.

    Gut on the bay Joe does his fishin'
    Waits for a tug on the line
    Blues and flounder he cooks in his kitchen
    As he passes his time
    As he passes his time.

    [Repeat 2nd verse and refrain]

    © 1984 by Tom McGhee


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words