The January Cold - Richard Meyer

    The year was 1921 Woodrow Wilson was not well--
    He was beaten by the aftermath of the war to end all wars.
    And handsome Warren Harding stood in the January cold
    And swore to restore America's God-given heart and soul.

    Harding was an average man whose friends played him for a fool
    They abused the nation and the man to keep their pockets full
    Our consecrated president with a chi Id by an affair
    Assured me and the country with a wife whose name was clar.

    How the flappers danced
    How the movies flashed
    How the strength of business boomed before the market crashed--
    And how the modern world was born
    In the aftermath of war
    While the ballyhoo went on and on before the market hit the floor.

    Late peace was made with Germany and we marched and celebrated
    For Lindbergh's flight and Prohibition we toasted and we hated
    Our government in Washington by, of, and for the people
    Isolated and disarmed the country that seemed to have saved the world.

    I worked the naval oil reserves in Wyoming's Teapot Dome
    When the Secretary of the Interior sold the navy down the road
    From the oil fields to Canada where corporate deals were made
    For secret loans and gifts before the Congress learned the game.

    [Repeat chorus]

    So how did free America take to the selling of its oil
    And the butchering of offices by appointed criminals?
    They called the senate committee's scandal mongers malicious and unclean
    Bolsheviks and partisans with truths the "country did not need.

    The Harding I remember our hail-fellow-well-met
    Confused by native faith in friends and naive unworldliness
    Died poisoned in Alaska as the scandals came to fame
    Some said it was his wife's revenge or mercy for his name.

    [Repeat chorus]

    © 1984 by Richard Meyer


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words