To The Shore! - Alex Miller

    On a cliff there was a castle
    Overlooked the jagged misty shore
    Therein a man did live
    cold bones so strong, young eyes so soft and warm

    Casts his boat toward open water
    Long before the sun catches the stars
    And spends long rainy days
    Collecting nets and singing lonely bars

    The sea is my child
    The sand is my grave
    The rain is my goddess
    It's here that I'll stay

    One fall night he tied his boat
    And walked along the firm wet sand for miles
    His mind was lost in moonlight
    'rriving home from heart to mouth he smiled

    By the hearth a woman waited
    Large and peaceful welcomed him "goodnight"
    Her figure silhouetted
    Fire burning gently by her side

    The moon is my pillow
    The waves are my song
    My heart is the woman
    Oh, love, flicker be gone

    June was born a seawind child
    Plump and sandy clear deep-water eyes
    To the ocean
    In the morning stillness took the man the child

    Held at sea by summer storms
    The swells washed wicked 'cross the wooden bow
    The man protects his child
    Holds it close aware to every sound

    Morning's gray reveals the whiteness
    Bone-cold infant cradled to his breast
    From a horizon distant
    Cries of seagulls echo through his head

    The sea is my daughter
    The sand is her grave
    The rain is my mother
    To her I behave

    When the woman saw the child
    Turned and walked away eyes to the ground
    Behind the castle
    It was buried winds' cold hiss the only sound

    The man approached the cliff in silence
    Cast himself into the black unknown
    His arms to wings
    Did fly though bones remained to mingle with the stone

    The wind is my highway
    The sea is my store
    I'll fly here forever
    And cry to the shore

    © 1984 by Alex Miller


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words