Pandora - Josh Joffen

    You finally figured it would work out with him
    You were bound for where you wanted to go
    Then I come on the scene and before you can stop
    You're playing Juliet to my Romeo
    And you're so surprised to come to realize
    He maybe isn't who you really want
    Because there's something that moves you when you look in my eyes
    It feels like anything but nonchalant

    And I hope you never regret that you turned the key
    And raised up the lid, made it easy for me
    There must have been something you wanted to see,

    But something's got me bent out of shape from within
    Got me feeling like a rubber band
    Stretched tight and thin when you're off with him
    Loose and easy when you're close at hand
    And you say you love me, that I'm doing fine
    I'm not making too many mistakes
    But that to tear yourself free is going to take some time
    I'll try and give you just as much as it takes

    [Repeat Chorus]

    I don't believe I'm being fooled
    I spent my time in school
    Now I'm bringing it home to you
    This is a matter of the heart
    I'm going to let my heart rule

    I can see you in the sun on a beach somewhere
    On a ramble through the brambles and briars
    With delight in your eyes and the snow in your hair
    And making love by a crackling fire
    I can see you in joy and see you in tears
    And in anger and what lies in between
    And I intend to see you through all of these years
    'Cause I love you and you know what that means

    [Repeat Chorus twice]

    There must have been someone you wanted to be,

    © 1982 by Josh Joffen


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words