The Children - Jack Hardy

    The swings were rusted 'cept the places worn smooth
    by the hands of the children with nowhere to move
    In the dry dusty playground in the midwestern heat
    where the snakeweeds lie taunting and all's gone to seed
    it was there I first ran as a coward runs back
    from a bully named Butch and his muscles of fat
    and he proved he was strong and I proved I was fast
    though there's nothing needs proving at all

    There were those who called us cowards again
    to the ears of the children who don't understand
    as the bullies marched off to a far away land
    and we stayed at home to fight with our pens
    and the bullies are home now with stares that could bleed
    posing as heroes in a postcard parade
    with new weapons to prove they deserved what they got
    though there's nothing needs proving at all

    Render Caesar his violence as well as his coin
    the minds of the children need nothing to join
    time's wasted fighting a battle all won
    where some fight for honor and some just for fun
    sing softly sing softly yet carry a big song
    because we sing softly they think we're not strong
    that we won't ever prove what they're doing is wrong
    though there's nothing needs proving at all

    1982 John S.Hardy Music Co. ASCAP

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words