Dig for the Gold - "Charlie" Chin

    I was only a boy
    in old Canton town
    when I first heard the stories
    that were going around
    uncle made his fortune
    and he wore a gold ring
    if you asked him about it
    he gladly would sing

    Dig for the gold
    dig for the gold
    I'll be a rich man in China
    before I grow old

    Well I boarded a ship
    it was only of wood
    the bedding was lousy
    and the food was no good
    six companies met us
    on Frisco's long pier
    of three hundred started
    only two hundred here

    Well I walked to the hills
    my fortune to find
    of hardship and want
    well I paid it no mind
    but the jumpers were waiting
    they wished us all dead
    they took all our claims
    and put lumps on our head

    Well I headed for hangtown
    the largest of camps
    there was gambling and murder
    by the light of their lamps
    of the money I had
    it was gone in a wink
    for I spent it on women
    and foul whiskey drink

    Brandy Gulch was my next stop
    and who should I meet
    but a crazy old miner
    they called one-eyed Pete
    I picked up a six gun
    and put down the spade
    by robbin' and killing
    our fortune was made

    Vigilantes they caught us
    at a place called Pig Hill
    Old Pete with a hang noose
    the miners did kill
    they banged me and beat me
    'til they thought I was dead
    but I lived 'til the morning
    and I ran off instead

    Well I ran to the place
    where we laid all our loot
    I bought me sane new clothes
    and a pair of new boots
    took a trip back to China
    on the next swelling tide
    when they asked me about it
    I turned and I lied

    by "Charlie" Chin © 1982 Lop Chong Music BMI


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words