Woman of a Calm Heart - Ilene Weiss

    Oh to be a woman of a calm heart
    who knows no fear in her desire
    who can venture near a raging fire
    taking the burns of another fire in stride

    Oh to know how closely she can venture
    before the wrong words can escape
    before the truth can hide
    talking off the top of your head again
    well just see how far you can get again
    when the last thing that you want tonight
    is to lie alone in your bed again

    Oh to be a woman of resilience
    who can take the punches and the swings
    and still have arms for warmer things
    able to put a quick retort aside

    Oh to move as easily as she through life
    who is joyful in her triumph
    and is patient when denied
    justify the rules of the race again
    you think you've got an open shut case again
    but the first thing that you're going to find
    is your dreams blowing up in your face again

    Oh to be a woman of forgiveness
    where the times that count are the times that be
    and she faces each one separately
    holding a grudge is the fast thing on her mind

    Oh to feel as free as she of burden
    who has sorted out what's worthy kept
    and can leave the rest behind
    doing good's whatever you say it is
    you've got to tell the people the way It is
    but what good is that if your feeling's going to change
    change along with what day it Is

    Oh to be a woman of a calm heart

    © 1982 By Ilene Weiss


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words