Holy Jerusalem - Martha P.Hogan

    Holy Jerusalem
    Holy Jerusalem

    The shadows of your history are rising from the grave.
    In the hands of David you thought you would stay?
    So many years...
    So many gods...
    He that rules the temples must also rule the sod of
    Holy Jerusalem
    Holy Jerusalem

    A seed of your destiny was planted In the stone.
    But mountain. never stopped you, from harvesting your own
    flower of Israel,
    crushed under a cross,
    rose again to claim you for His name and His flock.
    Holy Jerusalem
    Holy Jerusalem

    Darker ages followed you, was it a Journey of the Light?
    Did Mohammed find you in the silence of the night?
    No man can say.
    The rocks will not speak.
    But the blood of believers has sealed the mystery of
    Holy Jerusalem
    Holy Jerusalem

    Your days are kept in vigils, your nights are kept inside.
    The battle of your holy ghost has sentenced you to die.
    Rise up, oh Daughter.
    What do you fear?
    A God above all others or the coming of the years?
    Holy Jerusalem
    Holy Jerusalem
    No peace


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words