Incident at Ebenezer Creek - Jack Hardy

    The creek lies swollen before us
    the bridge Is a slippery span
    the guard with the springfield rifle
    is barring our freedom plan
    for days we have followed the wagons
    with all we own on our backs
    the long blue winding dragon
    with fire and death in its track

    But the pontoon bridge Is gone...

    For us these bummers meant freedom
    the promise made good at last
    that four-score-seven-year promise
    why then do they turn us back
    they have warned us not to follow
    too close behind the guns
    that the fighting up front is heavy
    when it hasn't even begun

    But the pontoon bridge is gone...

    Some say the avenging angel
    has turned upon his own
    that all this talk of freedom
    is just Sherman's marching song
    some are pleading Jesus
    asking what have they done wrong
    running up and down the river bank
    flailing their arms in song

    but the pontoon bridge Is gone
    and Sherman's troops have gone...

    Some soldiers disobey orders
    to help build rafts of logs
    but they sink as oft as float
    and time is running out
    and rumors of wheeler's cavalry
    to ship us back to the farm
    or shoot us here right where we stand
    helpless and unarmed

    but the pontoon bridge Is gone
    and Sherman's troops have gone...

    the camp lies now in embers
    newspapers all been read
    talk of a change In Washington
    of a dream shot through the head
    some say Ebenezer
    is a cursed name for a creek
    some say Jefferson Davis
    is a blessed name to speak

    but the pontoon bridge is gone
    and Sherman's troops have gone a
    nd freedom now has gone...

    This song Is based on a true incident during Sherman's march to the sea where one of his generals, Jefferson C. Davis ordered that his pontoon bridges be taken up abandoning a large group of recently freed slaves to General Wheeler's cavalry. The song is dedicated to the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr.


    Marco Giunco
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