Rock Springs Wyoming - Charlie Chin

    My name is Jack Kelly the butcher's boy and a rambling man am i
    I've wandered far from home and land where're the wild goose fly

    So wantonly, so needlessly, so cruelly did they
    They cast them out, with a curse and a shout, to die on the cold prairie

    Wyoming has a dreadful place and Rock Springs Is Its name
    So many graves beneath the sky and no one takes the blame


    It was In 1885 such a pitiful sight to see
    When miners' guns became the law to kill the heathen Chine


    It Is great sport to burn them out that was the miners' cry
    But I could not shoot another man Just to see him fall and die


    Come all you men of Christian faith and listen unto me
    No man can break the laws of God and still a Christian be


    * Note: This song was written In 1981 about the Rock Spring Massacre, when all the Chinese were taken to the edge of town and killed. The tune Is "Macpherson' lament," a traditional Scottish tune.


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words