Unemployment Rag - Frank Christian

    Woke up this morning, poured my coffee in its cup
    Stared at the paper, Jobless and fed up
    I turned to the section entitled "Classified Ads"
    Scrutinized those pages to see what they had
    When I couldn't find a thing, It made me so damn mad
    At times like these I wish I never learned how to read
    Secretaries, underwriters, bookkeepers they're O.K.
    And If I had the experience they could use a C.P.A.
    With lending and credit experience, an analyst In a bank
    Without it don't apply, they told me so point blank

    I'm not the most fashionable, but I'm not always a slob
    But how can I get experience when I can't get a Job
    I can wipe cars at the car-wash for a days pay
    Or "sell" encyclopedias in my Chevrolet
    But I was always taught there must be a better way
    A victim of over-educated times
    Interviews Just wasted my energy and gas
    I always thought that I was part of the working class
    So I Joined the Musician's Union to be secure in my home
    But when I paid my rent, I couldn't pay my student loan.

    Well, all they had could do nothing for me
    So I can wait to hit the lottery or claim bankruptcy
    Or send for this brochure "How To Clear Debts Without Dough"
    It only costs $12.50 and the man says "It'll make your money grow"
    I guess he certainly should know
    'Cause presently he lives In a chateau
    And he likes to drink the finest bottles of bordeaux
    But can I be "status quo"?


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words