I am Your Child - Tom Intondi, Katie Connoly

    Once I passed a mirror
    I looked hard to see
    How much of you
    Was reflected in me
    Proud of the features
    But fighting them, too
    To be more than a child
    Who looked just like you

    Sing for all mothers
    Who kept us from fear
    And grandmas and grandpas
    Who held us so near
    And sing for our fathers
    And memories deep
    Sing calling 'cross
    The dark shadows of sleep
    I am your chi Id
    I am your child
    I am your child

    When I was younger
    Your strength made me hide
    But you cradled me
    Whenever I cried
    All the mystery and promise
    A child could hold
    Were mine
    As you helped them unfold


    I kept up the battle
    To stand up alone
    I ran away
    To learn how to come home
    But the child that I once was
    Still cries In the night
    And discovers surprise
    With delight

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words