Jungle Work  - Jorge Calderon, Warren Zevon

    Lear jet S.W.A.T team
    On a midnight run
    With the M16
    And the Ingram gun
    We parachute in
    We parachute out
    "Death from above"
    We're screaming now

    Where the pay is good
    And the risk is high
    It's understood
    We'll do or die
    Sten gun in hand
    Where the gun is law
    From Ovamboland
    To Nicaragua

    Strength and muscle and jungle work

    Three young men
    In a Russian truck
    With a little MAC-10
    Sent 'em running to the huts
    These few young men
    The few who dare
    To battle in hell
    Le Mercenaire!

    Strength and muscle and jungle work 


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words