Eldorado - Neil Young

    In the crystal ball
    The gypsy sees the villa
    The riders on the hill
    The fire in the fields
    She sees the mission bell
    Swinging in the silence
    Now the shooting starts
    The bullets pierce the hearts
    The seqoritas crying at the well.

    Up in the Gold Hotel
    The money hits the table
    The heavies all are there
    That's why the deal's goin' down
    Beautiful women all dressed in
    Diamonds and sable
    Down upon the street
    Beside a garbage heap
    A Mariachi band begins to play.

    Somewhere a blues guitar
    Plays echoes in the alleyway
    The Tijuana dawn
    Claims another day
    The golden sun
    Rises on the runway
    The pilot understands
    The money changes hands
    Inside the jet the briefcase snaps. Goodbye.

    In Eldorado town
    There lives a great bullfighter
    His eyes are screaming blue
    His hair is red as blood
    And when the gate goes up
    The crowd gets so excited
    And he comes dancin' out
    Dressed in gold lami
    He kills the bull and lives another day.


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words