Honky Tonk Man - Tillman Franks, Howard Hausey, Johnny Horton

    Well I'm a honky tonk man and I can't seem to stop
    I love to give the girls a whirl to the music of an old juke box
    But when my money's all gone, I'm on the telephone singing
    Hey hey mama can your daddy come home

    Now I'm living wild and dangerously
    But I've got plenty of company
    When the moon comes up and the sun goes down
    I can't wait to see the lights of town


    A pretty little girl and a jug of wine
    Well that's what it takes to make a honky tonk time
    With the juke box moaning those honky tonk sounds
    I can't wait to lay my money down



    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words