Curly and Lil - Jerry Jeff Walker

    Curly would drive that old pickup truck
    Lilly would roll a cigarette
    They never sweated the money the made
    They get by just fine on anything they get

    Curly worked the Dobro for seven long years
    Always on the road not at home
    He told Lilly one day before it all slips away
    Let's take the kids out there and make it on our own

    It's good times 'tiil they get here
    Short time 'til they're gone
    Just picking and singing in a family band
    Travelling and living off the land

    Picking and fishing and meeting other folks
    Making home brew and cooking steaks
    Wear your old clothes and drive those old country roads
    Live your mistakes and make up your own breaks

    They travelled this country from L.A. to Maine
    Seattle and back to Key West
    Through hundreds of gigs and all the miles they did
    They say that raising five kids tops the list


    Curly told me if you want to be free
    You got to be your own boss
    Be fair with those you like, do what you think is right
    If they still don't like you, pack it up and walk

    Chorus twice

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words