David and Me - Jerry Jeff Walker

    Hey come on in sit down my friend
    Sure good to see you again
    Put your feet up there's wine in the cup
    And there's old fences to mend
    I haven't seen your smile for quite a while
    So just unwind, relax your mind
    We'll let the times roll by.
    Say how's you old lady is she still just as crazy
    What the hell was her name
    Remember that night we both got so tight
    We never did catch the plane
    We sat and played guitar in that terminal
    Sure had a ball, must've played 'em all
    And made the time go by
    You still live upstairs, your cats are all there
    And your dozen guitars
    They say we all change but I feel the same
    And I know that you are
    They always said we played 'em much too long
    But what's a song, don't it carry on
    And make the time go by
    I live in the West, in Texas I guess
    Old Austin's the best
    Building a house, its a mile to the south
    The old bird's gonna nest
    The radio gonna play our songs sometimes
    Make me smile, erase the miles
    And make the time go by

    (Spoken) Time as we know it . . .
    Yes, its a long ole road we ride down, friend
    Yes, its a long ole road that we ride
    But I know we'll make it through
    We'll make it to the end
    Yes, friend, we'll make it you and I

    Ad lib . . . and jam til the sun comes up

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words