Hairy Ass Hillbillies - Jerry Jeff Walker

    This song it was written down
    In a pea green windowless room
    Four o'clock and the TV's dead
    Wired up with nothin' to do
    I drunk all my whiskey I smoked all my beer
    I'm already gone I just got here
    An old hairy ass hillbilly
    Still up and hangin' on

    Made me think of a Similar time
    In the Tropicannibal motel
    Takin' showers 'bout every hour
    'Cause I wasn't really feelin' well
    Well in walked the Alabama Leanin' Man
    His ol' buddy Billy Swann
    Two old hairy ass hillbillies
    Still up and hangin' on

    Takes a friend to make you laugh
    A slap on the back someone who knows
    Right where you're at
    A friend in town who just heard you're around
    Came by see how you're gettin' along

    Most people go out to clubs
    Just to see an electric dildo
    A human jutebox who loves to play
    Every single song they know
    But they don't care if you blow your soul
    They usually stand up and tell you so
    And leave that hairy ass hillbilly
    Still up and hangin' on

    So wherever you may be tonight
    I wish you luck
    You may be with a friend of yours
    And may your friend be your lady love
    But if you gotta go and do a show
    And afterwards you got no where to go
    You're just a hairy ass hillbilly
    Still up and hangin' on


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words