Hill Country Rain - Jerry Jeff Walker

    Sometimes I just wake up humminí
    Feeliní like this world is right
    Want to jump right up and take a walk outside
    and take in the morning light
    Feel the music running through me.
    Makes me want to dance
    Clap my hands and dance

    Sometimes it just takes my lady
    To smile and make my day complete
    And when sheís touching me
    I feel free and easy to be me
    Lucky to be alive - Feeliní alright
    Take a walk outside - Feeliní alright

    People they tell me
    Ií m living to fast
    Slow down now, Jerry, boy
    Let some of life pass
    But I donít know no other way
    Got to live it day to day
    But if I die before my time
    When I leave Iím leaving nothing behind
    Oh no, itís just another single grape on the vine

    ĎCause Iíve got a feeling
    Something that I canít explain
    Like dancing naked
    In that high hill country rain

    I ainít worried Ďbout tomorrow
    Iíll get by the best I can
    Loviní is my will to live
    It makes me laugh, want to sing and dance
    Clap your hands, take a chance, come on and dance
    Do do do do - do do do do (repeat 3xís)
    Do do do do - do do do do

    Chorus twice

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words