Diamonds on My Windshield - Tom Waits

    Diamonds on my windshield
    Tears from heaven
    Pulling into town on the Interstate
    Pulling a steel train in the rain
    The wind bites my cheek through the wing
    Fast flying, freway driving
    Always makes me sing

    There's a Duster tryin' to change my tune
    Pulling up fast on the right
    Rolling restlessly, twenty-four hour moon

    Wisconsin hiker with a cue-ball head
    Wishing he was home in a Wiscosin bed
    fifteen feet of snow in the East
    Colder then a welldigger's ass

    Oceanside it ends the ride, San Clemente coming up
    Sunday desperadoes slip by, gas station closed,
    cruise with a dry back
    Orange drive-in the neon billin'
    Theatre's fillin' to the brim
    Slave girls and a hot spurn bucket full of sin

    Metropolitan area with interchange and connections
    Fly-by-nights from Riverside
    Black and white plates, out of state,
    running a little bit late

    Sailors jockey for the fast lane
    101 don't miss it
    Rolling hills and concrete fields
    The broken line's on your mind

    Eights go east and the fives go north
    The merging nexus back and forth
    You see your sign, cross the line,
    signalling with a blink

    The radio's gone off the air
    Gives you time to think
    You ease it out and you creep across
    Intersection light goes out
    You hear the rumble
    As you fumble for a cigarette
    Blazing through this midnight jungle
    Remember someone that you met
    One more block; the engine talks
    And whispers 'home at last'
    It whispers, whispers, whispers
    'home at last', home at last


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words