Migration - James Taylor 
    Distant hands in foreign lands

    Are turning hidden wheels
    Causing things to come about
    Which no one seems to feel
    All invisible from where we stand
    The connections come to pass
    And though too strange to comprehend
    They affect us nonetheless, yes

    Once again a time of change
    O the change makes music
    And the children will dance

    See the pieces of the picture rearrange themselves
    It feels just like a symphony to me,
    With nothing left to chance

    Just look over your shoulder
    It's out of you hands
    It's over for now
    Leave behind what you can
    You can always return

    The rhythm remains unbroken
    Unspoken but loud and clear
    It's a slow vibration.  Migration

    Mystery muse, how I hunger for an answer
    Unsung song, how I long to play the changes
    Hidden rhythm, haven't I always been your dancer
    Sacred secrets of the meaning to my dreaming.  Migration


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words