Hello, Old Friend - James Taylor 
    Paris' rooftops were lovely to see

    Switzerland's vertical landscape
    Crossed my mind's eye just now
    Canada's shoreline has been calling out to me
    But it's been too long a time
    Since last I crossed
    That vast Nantucket sound

    Hello old friend
    Welcome me home again
    Well, I've been away
    But that's all over now
    Say I can stay for October, now
    Stay a while and play

    Little dog David
    I must look like a fool
    I should've remembered
    You'd be forgetting my smell, well
    Give me a week or two to recapture my cool
    I've got stories to tell
    About how I snatched the devil's catch
    And out ran the hounds of hell



    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words