Daddy's Baby - James Taylor
    Daddy's baby what's got you thinking

    What's got you sinking so low
    It there something I should know
    Something new to you

    Daddy's baby fussing and fretting
    Keeping on getting it wrong
    She can only last so long
    So sing her a lullabye-bye
    Baby don't like to cry
    So sing her a lullabye-bye
    Swaddle and swing her
    Sing her a lullabye

    She makes her feelings known to me
    Her every side is shown to me
    And in our time alone
    Our love has surely grown of its own
    Silent as a stepping stone
    Silently as the dawn was breaking
    Soft and clear
    And my tears were dry
    And my tears had flown
    So I called my love my home


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words